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Statistically speaking.

Demographics play an important part in any marketing venture. A demographic is a segment of a larger group that shares a common characteristic or interest. A good example of this is humanity. Humanity consists of men and women, children and adults, nationalities, ethnicities, and many more. Each of these groups can be segmented down even further. Statistical data can help to determine niche markets.

Here is an example of how demographics work.

  • An HVAC company in Charlotte, NC specializes in local HVAC repair.┬áTheir demographic would include:

  • People who have homes or businesses in the Charlotte, NC area who: have a HVAC system that needs repairs; needs to update an existing HVAC system; or needs to install a HVAC system in a new construction.

  • This demographic can be even further targeted to specific segments. For example, the HVAC company may only want to work on apartment complexes.

  • By targeting a specific demographic, we can help you better utilize your marketing dollars.

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